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Best Elk Bullet for 300 win mag? Long Range.

06/02/2015 · 1 on the heaviest bullet recommendation. In 2013, my hunting buddy shot a bull elk just shy of 400 yards with HSM' s 180 Berger VLD in.300 Win Mag - DRT. With just a few minutes apart, I was also blessed with a bull elk. Shot him at 931 yards with 190 Berger VLD also.300 Win Mag, however, he managed to run ~200 yards before expiring. Many people use the flat shooting and hard hitting.300 Win Mag for hunting elk, deer and many other species of big game with excellent results. Here are a few great brands of.300 Win Mag ammo that will probably serve you very well next time you’re afield. 24/12/2018 · Best Elk Bullet for 300 win mag? Discussion in 'Reloading' started by aaroncarp, Feb 4, 2015. A buddy just bought a tikka t3 lite 300 win mag. He is hoping to develop it into a long range elk rifle. 220 30 cal bullet in my new built 300. With an optic zeroed at 250 yards, a factory 180gr.300 Win Mag bullet has an effective range of about 300 yards before needing hold-over to compensate for bullet drop. The flat trajectory of the.300 Win Mag bullet allows skilled hunters with calibrated optics.

21/10/2017 · I have a tikka t3 in a 300 win mag and after shooting several factory loads in it I have narrowed it down between Hornady precision hunter 200g and Barnes vor-tx 180g. Both rounds group great out of rifle but which one would be a better choice for elk? 15/03/2017 · I will only be using this 300 for elk. I took this Kudu at 469yards with a.300 Win Mag. One shot and rolled about 10 yds. 2 Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. 300 win mag bullet options? IPS Theme by IPSFocus; Theme. IPB Light blue theme. Dimension 4.3 01/07/2010 · Agreed. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better "all around, do anything" North American big game round than the.300 Win Mag. For Alaska,.338 is probably a better choice, and would also make an excellent "all-around" cartridge if you're willing to live with extra recoil where it isn't really necessary. 2. "RE: 300 win mag bullet "I like the 165 for deer size game and the 180 for elk. if you only want one bullet use the 180. my favorite is the 165 Hornady BTSP interlock, or for long range the 165 ballistic tip. For elk, the 180 partition. there are many other good choices, but these bullets work the. I am not saying, "Don't handload" but I stand-by the 'ole REM Core Lokt 180 grain. They will work. I have some Barnes that I have reloaded and they are more accurate at the bench but I think if I was in a real world situation the Core Lokt would do the work out to 270 yds safely.

04/09/2016 · The.300 Winchester Magnum, or.300 Win Mag, is used around the world for moose, elk, bear, and African plains game. Preferred by long range. 15/05/2016 · We might not draw a coveted elk tag every ear but that wont keep us from hunting elk. Come a long as Jamie harvests her first bull elk and makes an amazing cross canyon shot on this bull. You wont want to miss this. 04/12/2010 · Never hunted elk, but from everything I've read most prefer a premium bullet like a Nosler Partition, a Swift A-Frame, or a Barnes TSX. They'll all hold together good and have high weight retention, which you want for elk and moose sized game..

07/07/2017 · I think the SST is an awesome deer bullet. But, people use them for different things. I guided a young man last year on an elk hunt. He brought his 300 win mag and 180 grain SST bullets. I was a little suspect on his bullet selection, however, he made a perfect shot behind the shoulder on a 360" bull at 200 yards. Bull dropped in his tracks. 30/10/2017 · I m a very meat conservative hunter. I use a.243 for white tails back home. But I bought a.300 win mag to hunt in Arizona with for elk and mule deer. I want to be sure that I can make an ethical, clean kill without destroying a lot of meat. I plan on using 180 s for elk. 27/12/2015 · This hunt is from a 2015 late season antlerless elk tag in Utah. The shot was taken from 550 yards with a 300 Ultra mag. with a Vortex 6x24 viper PST Scope. My 1 prime choice would be the 338 Win Mag hands down and it out performs the 300 Win Mag hands down too. If you going to get belted by recoil, might as well have some bigger on the other end! All the pros say 338 Win Mag is best for Elk because it anchors them on the spot. 17/06/2018 · We go head to head with these Monster cartridges, to see who is crowned the victor! 45/70 vs 300 win mag! The 300 Winchester Magnum is a heavy hitter with tons of speed. The 45/70 Government is a slower moving, bone crushing bruiser! Intro and outro music: With all determination-Royalty Free Music.

A 180 gr. bullet will probably have as much or more velocity at 300 yards than a 150 grain bullet. In.308 or 30/06 velocities, a 150 gr would probably be the better choice, but with a.300 Win, you will have enough velocity to get good expansion with the heavier bullet. 26/02/2019 · As you can see, with the wide variety of bullets and loads available, the 300 Win Mag can literally do and be anything you want. Who Needs a.300 Win Mag? The popularity of the 300 Win Mag has been driven mostly by hunters. Those who pursue big game such as elk, moose and large African plains game are well-served with the power the 300 delivers. 24/09/2017 · This was a 129 yard shot with a 180 grain bullet from a Tikka T3X Lite 300 Win Mag high shoulder shot. Quick and clean like you hope for. 02/08/2018 · HOW MANY MILK JUGS TO CATCH THE BULLETS??? Support us on Patreon /whoteewho Bushnell Banner Scope here: Center. 24/07/2017 · LJ Bonham is a semi-subsistence hunter, hunting magazine editor, and firearms enthusiast who lives in the Rocky Mountains. There are many magnum hunting cartridges, but those which use.30 caliber bullets are by far the most popular. The “Fast Thirties,” as famed gun writer Craig Boddington.

08/06/2015 · 2014 Rifle elk hunt NM Caleb Miller 500yards, one shot dead! 300 RUM. By Oni Miller. 2014 Rifle elk hunt NM Caleb Miller 500yards, one shot dead! 300 RUM. By Oni Miller. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. 300 win mag VS 30-06 - How Many Paper Plates??? - Duration: 8:16. 25/07/2018 · Sub MOA plate 500 yards - 6.5 Creedmoor.300 Win Mag.260 Rem.308 Win 30-06 - Duration: 13:34. Coats Brothers Firearms 314,927 views. 13:34. Skin and Process a Deer in 10 Minutes Without Gutting It - Duration: 12:18. Deer Hunting Recommended for you. 12:18. In short, like the 7mm Rem Mag, the.300 Win Mag is an excellent cartridge that packs more performance than the.30-06 Springfield into a comparably sized package. 7mm Rem Mag vs 300 Win Mag: Cartridge Sizes. You can see some of the differences between the.300 Winchester Magnum and 7mm Remington Magnum cartridges in the photo below.

05/03/2014 · It wasn't hard to choose a bullet diameter and weight and a cartridge through which to test it: America is still a.30 caliber nation; 180-grain projectiles typically offer excellent sectional density and ballistic efficiency; and the.300 Win. Mag. is both capable and popular, especially on the heavy-bodied game where bullet performance. Barrett 98B Tactical Bolt Rifle 300 Win Mag 24"Bbl 10rds Gry Barrett 98B Tactical Bolt Rifle 300 Win Mag 24"Bbl. Our Low Price $3,475.45 QuickView Browning X-Bolt Stalker Long Range 300 Win Mag Bolt action Rifle 26" Threaded Ba. Browning X-Bolt Stalker Long Range 300 Win Mag Bol. 23/03/2011 · hey guys, i have a ruger m77 mkii in 300 win mag, and am lookin to start reloading for it but was lookin for a lil advice as to powder amount and type,primer,bullet weight and really any reloading advice as ive never done it before.

This is where the.300 Win Mag holds a clear advantage over the other two cartridges. As you can see in the table below, the.300 Win Mag can propel a 180 grain bullet faster than the.308 Win or.30-06 Springfield can push a 150 grain bullet. That being said, those cartridges aren’t slouches either. The.300 BLK is suitable for hunting deer, but for larger game like bear or elk you’ll want the extra power of the.300 Win Mag. The.300 Win Mag burns 20% to 25% more powder than the.30-06 Springfield, which gives it a 10% increase in velocity, as long as it is firing bullets of the same weight.

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